Friday, April 9, 2010

Soap Queen's Video about How to Make Cold Process Soap

This is very exciting! 

You know how a few days ago, I posted about my soapy morning and how I got started making soap?!  Well, Anne Marie at Bramble Berry soap making supplies produced this video about how to make cold process soap!  Talk about timing!  And we didn't even compare notes!

Anyway, this video presents the very beginning steps for making cold process soaps.  It also discusses in real terms the "scariest" part to potential soapmakers:  using lye.  It's a great place start, so check it out!

How to Make Cold Process Soap : Lye Safety & Ingredients, Episode 1 from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

The next installment should come out in a couple of weeks, so keep checking back!

I have some soaps curing (oatmeal honey, shea butter, sweet orange, patchouli, and peppermint).  If you're in southern Arizona, please look for my soaps at Yard Woman in Tubac.  Thanks, Sharon!  Or you can order them here

If you can't get to Arizona or don't want to order from Yard Woman, please watch my etsy store in about 10 days for the newest soaps.  My store has the soaps with the "rough edges" and end pieces and funky shapes.  But the soap is still great!

Thanks for visiting and Happy soaping! 

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