Friday, May 7, 2010

Camping in Madera Canyon--continued

Did you know these were hiking shoes and boots?  I didn't know the cowboy boots had the green uppers until we were sitting around the fire ring.  However, these boots tromped around camp and up the trail and served well while playing catch with the football and frisbee in camp.  And made me smile. 

Did you know that when you camp with six boys that you will see no wildlife?  Well, other than what is habituated to humans--like the camp robber jays and squirrels.  So, when you camp with six boys, don't expect to see deer or anything like that.  Just so you know. 

We camped for just one night.  More than that is really pressing it for at least one of the leaders.  And on this trip, one night was enough.  Some time in the night, the wind really came up and blew HARD!!  It was one of those winds where you could hear it rumbling down the hill and it seemed as though it was working hard to gather steam.  Then it got to your tent and shook it up for all it was worth.  Our tent fared well in the wind. It's had plenty of wind experience.  The bigger tent had some floppy places and the occupants got out, packed up, and put their tent away before breakfast.

Needless to say, while you're hearing the wind gathering speed as it roars down the mountain and through the trees, you don't sleep very well at all.  Here's a story about some other campers in a different location in the same mountains on the same night!

Oh, speaking of breakfast . . .

Each prepared their own breakfast in their own pan/plate.  You got your own ingredients:  eggs, cheese, etc.  Then cooked.  At least one of our campers had never cooked before so he figured it out quickly with coaching and by observation. 

After breakfast, another hike was in order.  Can you tell that the wind brought cooler temperatures?

We walked from the campground along the trails to the Santa Rita Lodge to visit their bird feeders.  They have many interesting visitors. 

I took these photos while the others were in the gift shop getting hot drinks.

Then it was a hike back to camp and lunch!!

Oh, are you detecting a trend here?  One camper described our camping trip:  You get to camp, set up the tent, eat, then hike, stop and eat, then hike back to camp, then you cook!"

Sounds just about right to me . . .

I hope you get your own outdoor adventures soon. 

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