Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation Photos--Hubbell Trading Post

Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado, Arizona

We got a chance to get away for a great trip this year.  We decided to visit the Four Corners area of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado (we missed Utah because we kinda made up the end of the trip as we went along).  We're interested in archeology lately, so we headed off to visit some historical sites. 

First off, we traveled to Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado, Arizona.  It's a national historic site.  The trading post there is one of the historic buildings there and is still in operation.  The wooden floor really creaks.  No one moves in that building without making a sound!

We ate our picnic lunch at a table provided in the shade of some HUGE cottonwood trees.  It was quite peaceful.  We visited the trading post and walked around the grounds.  There is the old house that the Hubbell family lived in while they traded here, the garden, the chicken house, another residence, and a guest hogan. 

Above the door to the trading post. 

I was interested in the Navajo Churro sheep and their guard llama, but . . .
They were none too interested in me!

The old barn at Hubbell

Did I mention that this place was really peaceful?

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  1. Phil and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hubbell Trading Post! We've been there many times and spent the night there once. The furniture in our room was hand-carved by a very talented Mexican immigrant...really, really nice. You'll have to stay there sometime!


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