Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today is Our Wedding Day . . .

Ever Ours by Enrouge

On this quiet day after Christmas with family and friends, my man and I will get married. 

It will be simple.  It will be small.  It will take only a few minutes.

Even with its simplicity and brevity, it still means that we love each other dearly.  The commitment to each other will last much longer than the words that will be spoken this day.  We'll be pledging our love to each other before friends and family.  We're looking forward to having these special people be a part of our special day.  We plan to celebrate the rest of our life together with the same happiness we'll be sharing with special people on our special day.    

Please think of us as we marry today . . .

I love this man!!

Please let your special people know how much you love and appreciate them . . .


  1. Your tender exchange of your marriage vows was touchingly simple and real, and I am honored that I was invited to be a witness. I will remember your wedding over all of the many weddings I've attended, because yours was true. No expensive costumes, no ice sculptures, no drama. Just Denny and Billy, surrounded by family & friends who value and love them. Billy and Denny and their vows to one another. It was a truly beautiful wedding and I'm so glad I was there.
    With love and best wishes always,

  2. I echo Sheryl's words... it was beautiful, I also teared up, I am grateful for friends who share the same interests and love of life as I do. I am grateful that Billy is part of our friendship and I look forward to getting to know him better. He is special and fits you to a tee...
    I felt blessed to be invited. Thank you. And I know that your marriage will ber as wonderful as the courtship was...

  3. Congratulations! Simple and small are the best.

  4. What a wonderful story to share! And simple ceremonies can be so special -- I hope your day was all you had hoped. Thank you for showcasing my little birds in love. That just made my day to see how you coupled them with your own coupling. Best wishes to you & your little lovebird. : )

  5. Newlyweds! Congratulations and much happiness always! My man and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary, but it still feels so new and precious, as I hope it always will.
    To find your one, the partner of your dreams, your heart's keeper... is no small feat, you know. :-)
    All the best!

  6. Thanks for your nice comments and thoughts. It was just a fun day!


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