Monday, January 17, 2011

Handmade Olympics--My Nomination: Favorite Handmade Goodie With Innovative Design

Purple Alien soap by KristysLovelyLathers

Isn't this soap just amazing!  It's pretty.  It's fun.  It's colorful.  The description makes it sound as though it smells good, too. 

I nominated this soap for Favorite Handmade Goodie With Innovative Design.  the rikrak studio is hosting another Handmade Olympics at her blog.  rikrak is a hugely busy handmaking crafter and promoter.  Her blog is always fun and entertaining and sometimes makes me think.  You can win prizes by participating in the Handmade Olympics by nominating and voting.  And . . . you'll have an excuse for hunting around for items to nominate.  Well, sort of . . .  Check it out here!

Have fun!

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  1. It is an amazing, creative design. Even if it didn't smell good its still mighty tempting. I'll have to check out rikrak's blog. Blogs have become a new addiction for me...:D


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