Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Vacation Photos--Southwest Colorado Camping

View from our campsite in Lost Trail Campground
 After we left the relatively highly populated Mesa Verde National Park, we headed for the isolated high country of southwest Colorado.  We went through Durango and stocked up for our trip to the Weminuche Wilderness.  We got groceries, of course, and ate ice cream in the parking lot because we weren't going to get it again soon.  We left our hiking sticks at home, so we stopped at Backcountry Experience where we rented some for our hike.  They were nice people and gave us good information about the equipment and our planned destination.  And they were pretty right on about the weather--unpredictable!

Off we went on our new adventure, passing through some gorgeous scenery in southern Colorado.  We turned at South Fork and headed through the little historic silver mining town of Creede.  Then we turned off onto a dirt road and passed the Rio Grande Reservoir.

A little ways past the reservoir on a rough and potholed road is the small Lost Trail Campground.   

We set up camp and I walked around the campground and surveyed the scenery . . .

Then we went for a hike on the Weminuche trail.  

I'll have more photos of this beautiful place in another post.  Wanted to share these with you now. 

Have a pretty day!

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