Friday, June 3, 2011

Sewing Weekend at a Friend's Home

Fire engine panel quilt made by my friend Kim
Desert Bear made by my mother
Crazy Eights quilt made by Kim and me (and Mom, too!) (pattern by Bits N Pieces)
Kim is tying these two fleece throws together (sorry about the upside down dogs)
My husband is starting to machine quilt (you might have to click on this one)

Purse I made--from Grids & Grommets pattern by Indygo Junction

It was a great weekend of quilting, sewing, eating, and visiting.  We got plenty done and solved many of the problems of the world--if others would just do what we suggest.  

Mom is making progress on her bear quilt project.  My husband is just learning how to machine quilt and I think he's doing great!  He already has several offers from friends and family to quilt their projects.  He says he's not ready yet.  I think he is.

I'm already planning for our next sewing get-together day.  Hmmm . . . which projects should I take along?

What crafty or other get togethers are you doing with friends and family ?

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  1. Yep Labor day better hurry up and get here, so he can start on my quilt.... I am anxiously awaiting the finished product, so I can 'give it away'...when you have 15 grandchildren you give away a lot of quilts.


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