Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I LOVE Baseball! It's Spring Training!

It's an annual thing here in southern Arizona.  Alas, this is probably the last year for spring training baseball in Tucson.  So sad for those of us who love baseball and love sitting in the ballpark in March.  But, for me, one afternoon last week was bliss.

An afternoon at Hi Corbett Field watching the Colorado Rockies play the Kansas City Royals.  Thanks to my friend and former co-worker Bill who provided the ticket for me to go. 

Is this the same Brian Anderson who used to play for the Arizona Diamondbacks?  I don't think so, but our group never reached a definite conclusion. 

And for the fans of Troy Tulowitzki: 

My friend Bill and I thought the duel between outstanding pitcher Zack Greinke (reigning American League Cy Young award winner) of the Royals and Tulowitzki of the Rockies would be fun the watch.  In Tulowitzki's first at bat, he hit the first pitch with a huge CRACK of the bat.  The ball rocketed into the outfield.  So much for that battle. 

In Tulowitzki's second at bat, there was indeed a battle.  Tulowitzki hit into a force out, but he hit it hard.  He is also very reliable at shortshop.  Rockies' fans will enjoy watching him play again this year. 

The Rockies' pitcher Jeff Francis was successful in the three innings he held the Royals scoreless. 

The day started out sunny and cool.  Then it got a bit warmer and I questioned my decision to wear my warm undershirt under my long sleeved polo shirt.  Then the clouds moved in later and blocked the sun.  While others around me talked about how chilly it was getting, I was feeling pretty smart and pulled my fleece jacket up around my shoulders. 

There I was.  Happy as a clam.  Sitting in the (mostly) sun at the baseball park watching baseball.  Sigh . . .

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