Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Next? How about some Threadplay?

Well, you know, you finish a project.  Then you need another project.  Me?  I have plenty of unfinished projects.  I mean PLENTY.  We won't be counting those because it would be very embarrassing. 

Anyway, here's my plan for what to do next (among other "next" things):

This is a project that I started in Libby Lehman's class called Two for One Threadplay.  The class was presented at Quilting in the Desert in Phoenix in January.  It was WAAYY too much fun.  I wanted to try all the techniques that she showed us and I wanted to try all of them NOW!! 

We did satin stitching.  Then some free motion satin stitching (that's the stitching that looks like it's having a bad hair day in the above photo).  Then some decorative stitches to go around the edges of the applique fabric.  Then some bobbin work by putting perle cotton or Razzle Dazzle thread by Superior Threads in the bobbin and stitching from the back.  Then I couched some funky yarn down using monofilament.  What a great class that allowed for a whole day of just experimentation.  The time just flew by!!  

So here I am on my own now to try some more of these techniques.  Here's my satin stitching using King Tut thread, also by Superior Threads.   

"Now is a good time to do something you've always wanted to do. Being a little impulsive is a good thing." David Critchfield, owner of Mission Peak Soap.

So, what are you trying these days?

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