Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Vacation Photos--Weminuche Wilderness Continued

During our camping trip in Colorado's Weminuche, we hiked on the Squaw Creek Trail. 

 It was pretty chilly on our last morning in the wilderness!!

Farewell to the wilderness . . .
Our kind of quilt store!
We went back to Durango to return our rented hiking sticks and to explore a bit.  We were there in time to see the narrow gauge train leave town. 

Then it was time to head towards home and back to full responsibilities.  Big sigh . . .

Thanks for following along on this picture show from our trip in August/September 2010.  It was a great trip.

Have you begun planning your next adventure?  Let us know what you're going to be doing!

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  1. Love these photos. Have never been to Colorado but hope to someday.
    I love your picture of the quilting fabrics/pet supplies/sporting goods store with a side of hunting licenses. That's a good place.


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