Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow in Southern Arizona!!

Just a few days ago--February 27, 2011--we awoke to the above view of our back yard.

We live in southern Arizona.  This snow stuff just doesn't happen here!  Well, very often that is.  When we went to bed, the wind was whipping up this storm.  I heard it raining some in the night.  Then I didn't hear anything.  It was VERY quiet.

When we got up and looked outside, we saw this whitish-bluish view of a desert sunrise through snowy trees.  The trees above are the same trees that are in the photo at the top of the blog.  When we opened the door to really get a look at the snow, it was VERY quiet outside.  All sound was muffled by the snowy blanket on the desert.

This desert dweller was probably not impressed by this whole thing.

Cactus in the snow.

The friend of the rabbit above--also huddling in our back yard.

This snow was a big deal to those of us in the desert of Arizona who rarely see this.  The storm was fast-moving.  The snow was gone by noon.

That must have been our last hurrah of winter.  The forecast for later this week calls for temperatures in the mid-80s.  It will be really hot here soon enough, so I'll turn back to these photos from time to time to recall the cold and the quiet of our snowy morning.


  1. Beautiful! It sprinkled a bit here. Possibly. :D

  2. Oh my. What a way to wake up! :-)
    It's gorgeous but oddly unsettling to see snow in a place that doesn't usually get it. Crete has snow right now, too.
    Mid-80's this week, you say? I look forward to those days!


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