Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing Days and Feline Assistance

I Spy quilt in progress by my friend Sue

My mother, friends and I get together periodically to sew together.  It's a great day of projects, visiting, and food.  It's all good and we have to do show and tell when everyone first arrives.  We must share works in progress, finished projects (!), new purchases, and plans.  We also ask for the opinions of others.  We even offer opinions when we're not asked!!

A couple of months ago, we got together at my house for a sewing day and Sue worked on the I Spy quilt (above) for her new grandson.  My mother explained to Sue that the boy is growing so fast that she needs to add more blocks to keep the quilt big enough for the guy!

I was working on a quilt based on the pattern Dusk 'Til Dawn  by McKenna Ryan.  This is the quilt in progress. 
This eventually became a raffle quilt and raised several hundred scholarship dollars.

Another I Spy block in progress:

My friend Kim was sewing up a storm on this colorful flannel quilt in progress: 

And . . . lime green is mandatory these days, isn't it?

My mother was working on this dramatic table runner:

A few weeks later, we got together for a sewing weekend at my friend Kim's house.  A sewing and quilting sleepover!
Here's my mom binding her harlequin diamond quilt:

This is Radeen's cowboy quilt with the quilting in progress.

Kim finished this musical quilt top:

Radeen also worked on this quilt!  Sorry you have to turn sideways to see this quilt, but it was on the ironing board!

Here is the quilt I was working on:

This is similar to one I made earlier (shown above) using the McKenna Ryan pattern called Dusk 'til Dawn.  I was making this quilt for a friend and customer and she asked that the deer in the McKenna Ryan pattern be changed to bears and moose.  I created silhouettes of the requested animals and incorporated them into McKenna Ryan's design. 

When we sew at Kim's, there's the added benefit of feline "assistance."

Hmmm.  I wonder what this button does?

I want to be alone!!

Must be something about this chair:

Why is everyone looking at me?  It's comfy here on this quilt in progress.

Then a few weeks later, we were all set to sew at Sue's house, but then her husband had an incident with a car he was working on (the car came out ahead, but, happily, did not win) and we had to cancel sewing at her house.  My mom was already here at our house so we could travel together to Sue's.  Sew . . . Mom and I had our own sewing day.  She started sewing a scrap quilt. 

In the true tradition of quilting, she is using scraps from fabrics that she used to make clothing for herself and Dad.  Too cool. 

The little vintage fabric squares. 

Then little two square patches on their way to becoming four patches. 
She had a great time coordinating prints with solids. 

Whenever you can, be sure you make time to spend with family and friends doing something you enjoy.  And eating . . .  It makes it all good. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Trip to Lone Pine and Neighboring Areas--Part Two

You may recall from an earlier post here that we went to Lone Pine, California and surrounding areas for a nostalgia trip.  It was a great trip with nice times and wonderful scenery. 

After we returned from the desert east of Lone Pine, we headed north on Highway 395 to Bishop.  We visited the Mountain Light Gallery, the quilt shop, and Erick Schat's Bakkery.  Then we headed out of town along Bishop Creek.  We knew the road would be closed at some point because of the snow in the mountains.  We went as far as the locked gate across the road and got out and walked around a bit and looked at the snow like the desert dwellers we are.

Not too much picnicking going on.

Then back to Lone Pine in time for sunset.

We ate most of our meals at the Mt. Whitney Restaurant/Cafe.  Have a salad for dinner so you can have a milk shake for dessert!

Then it was time to head back home again.  But . . .not before noticing the industrious bird outside our motel room.  And discovering this home under construction in the hedge just outside our motel room door!

Since this trip was in April, I'm sure that by now the bird family is growing!

Different experiences for us to see snow and then spring bird actitivy in the same day!  Be sure to look OUTSIDE your door!