Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Photos--Camping, a Farm Visit, Weaving, Backyard Visitors, and Quilting

On our 4th of July camping trip to Rustler Park, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. 

It's still seriously summer here in southern Arizona, so I'm hoping to get some more great summer photos in 2010.  For now . . .

Apple Annie's produce farm near Willcox, Arizona. 

We spent part of a morning at Apple Annie's, a you-pick or they-pick produce farm and orchard. 
I'm not so good at this farming stuff and I don't like squash, but I think this is a squash plant of some kind.  The flower and greenery are pretty.  And it was cooler there than here at home.  Could it be all the water and plants?

And then I treated myself to this loom.
I made this checkerboard looking piece of woven "fabric."  I haven't decided what to make with it yet.  Perhaps a bag.  I'm making another "panel" just like this one.  This came from Jennifer at CraftSanity.  Her loom shop is here

I also made this dress for my Mom.

And this quilt for a friend and customer.

* * *
Living out in the desert means we get some other desert dwellers stopping by for a visit.  Before our monsoon rains really got going, I think they stopped by our gray water tank overflow to get a drink and checked around our house for small wild animal hiding places.  Um . . . you can have ALL the pack rats!  Except for me, that is.  I'm a big one. 

Anyway, the photos of visitors.

We think we've been seeing the same three coyotes lately.  We think two younger ones (this one above is one we think is one of the youngsters) and an adult.  They hunt smaller critters around our place where many hiding places abound.  My man saw that the older coyote had success with one of the smaller furry critters that didn't make it into our fenced yard in time. 

Then . . . once the coast was clear . . .

Ummm . . . gotta go!!

Me, too.  I hope to have more summer adventures posted before summer's over!!  Please let me know what you're doing this summer and post links here in the comments to your photos online.