Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Congratulations!!! Winner of the Giveaway!

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Thanks again to my wonderful, special customers at my Etsy shop, Lucinda's Nice Things for getting me to my first milestone of 100 sales!!!  It's very special to me to have you support me while I stumble and bumble along my learning way in this endeavor. 

Thanks, too, to those of you who visit my blog.  I really love it when you leave a comment, letting me know that you're out there and reading what I write.  It's very special that you visit my little spaces on the web.  I'm honored. 

To celebrate my sales milestone, I held a giveaway of a Target gift card.  And . . . now that the time for entries is passed, the winner is . . .


Thanks for playing along with my giveaway!  Thanks for visiting my little shop.  Thanks for hearting my shop and leaving nice comments.  

Very special indeed . . .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway!! Thank you for 100 sales!!

Thanks to my buyers, I have finally hit 100 sales in my little Etsy shop, Lucinda's Nice Things!

It's had some fits and starts, but I'm starting to get the hang of having a little online shop and business has been good lately.  Thanks to those of you who bought from me while I'm learning along the way.  Thanks to you for buying when my pictures haven't been perfect (that's most of them!).  Thanks for buying when I have typos.  Thanks for helping me out when I let you know I don't know something about an item  And thanks for pointing out that it's impossible for that bangle bracelet to be only 4" around!

I'm celebrating this little milestone by having a giveaway here on my blog.  I thought about it a bit and I chose this $25.00 gift card from Target . . . fun stuff!

Here's hoping for plenty more sales and more milestone giveaways!

Here's how to enter the giveaway (and thanks to RikRak for the ideas!):

1.  Visit my Etsy shop called Lucinda's Nice Things
and tell us in a comment below about your favorite thing and why you love it!
One entry!

2.  Heart Lucinda's Nice Things on Etsy and tell us.
One entry!

3.  Follow me on twitter Denny1600 and tell us.  
One entry!

Please note that each entry must be its own comment.  Thanks so much!

It is possible to have a maximum of three entries total per person.

Using random.org, one winner of the $25.00 Target gift card will be chosen on Monday, November 8th at 7 PM EST.  

Open to contestants worldwide.

Please be sure to leave an email address where I can reach you.  Thanks!!

Just to be sure you know I mean it:  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!