Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Quilt I'm Working on Now

Do you want a little peek at what I'm working on now?  It's a smallish quilt.  It's for a baby or a small person. 
You might be able to tell that it's almost done!  I'm stitching on the binding.  This is what we quilters call the home stretch.  Some people don't like hand stitching, but I like it's repetitiveness.  It's very soothing.  Just sit and listen to the Olympics and stitch away. 

Here's a photo that shows more of the front of the quilt. 
Aren't these great fabrics?!  These are NOT fabrics that I would have chosen at first glance.  But I think they turned out very cute and, since they come from the same line of fabric, they were designed to coordinate. 

The pattern I chose is a pattern of rectangular blocks.  It was very satisfying the put the top together.  The quilting stitches echo the rectangle shapes. 

When I'm truly and FINALLY finished, I'll show it to you.  This will probably get listed on either my etsy or artfire shop.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying it.  Can you tell?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From the Desert: My First Blog Post


OK, so I’m late with the new year wishes, but that’s me. I’m behind most of the time, but I’m always trying. And I’ve been stewing over my blog name and my first blog post. So . . . just get started already!

I live in the Arizona desert with my significant other. We have a few acres out of town, so planning ahead for groceries and the like is a must. I have a "real" job or two, but I started another one. I like to make things. And . . . since a person can have only so many purses and tote bags and soap and such, I started to give them away and now sell them. So, I started a little etsy shop called Lucinda’s Nice Things. It’s named for my grandmother and the little story is on the front page of my shop:

In my etsy shop, I sell things that my mother, friends, and I make ourselves (pillows, purses, bags, soap); things we’ve collected (beads and other treasures); and vintage items (linens, and some wonderful jewelry). Here are some photos of the great things on my little shop.

The things we make are made in our own homes with our own hands. All of us are smoke free. My friend Kim has cats, but, so far, Kim has listed only jewelry for sale.

Some plans here at the Fun in the Desert blog include little bits about things that inspire us, including art, craft, sewing, quilting, soaping, designing, walking, being in the outdoors, cooking, eating(!), being with friends and family, encouragement, things that make us smile, how-tos, and lots more!

I'm inspired by these wonderful, colorful, and inspiring blogs, among others:

I'm so sorry if this is rough around the edges, but give me some time (and some pointers) with this blog thing and I'll try to figure this out.

So, please stop by when you have a few minutes. Leave comments on my blog when you can (say hello, give me feedback, disagree with me if you want). Just don’t be rude. You can also email me at lucindasnicethings at gmail dot com or at denny1600 at gmail dot com.

What a great and exciting day. Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy new year. Thanks for visiting!